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the tiramisù inspired by the original recipe, made with high quality ingredients, such as lush mascarpone cream, pasteurised eggs, sponge fingers soaked in coffee to perfection and a dusting of bitter cocoa powder.

for lovers of tradition, those who enjoy dipping into lushes of cream, who believe life is filled with pleasures big and small and who can smile while enjoying a “naughty but nice” treat.


Meesoo Kafe

is the tiramisù prepared by gently placing the smooth cream on a boiling espresso coffee; it is served accompanied by a light biscuit and a dusting of cocoa powder; a winning combination, an irresistible indulgence that will become a habit.

for coffee cakes connoisseurs, for those who love to explore new flavours and those with the time to enjoy a longer, more energizing break.

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Meesoo Baby

the small, delicate tiramisù made entirely of cream without a drop of coffee, it is served with a dusting of bitter cocoa powder and two light, crunchy biscuits which can be used, if you prefer, instead of a spoon.

for those who do not want to exceed their daily coffee quota, for cream addicts, romantic couples who will happily share one biscuit each and for children who don’t like coffee but totally love cream.



the red queen, the strawberry, gives her fragrance and her sweet juice to the MEESOO cream, creating an unforgettable tête a tête. A mix that wins over everything with its unconditioned smoothness, red as passion.

to those who feel irresistibly attracted by the red color, symbol of passion, and are willing to surrender to the tasty shades of sweetness of the strawberry MEESOO.



ladyfingers biscuits soaked at the right point in orange juice and a soft layer of fragrant 
berries. Mascarpone cream complete a MEESOO® that deserves an applause and 
a call for an encore.

for philosophers who are looking for the perfect balance between yin and yang, a
 MEESOO made to be enjoyed with closed eyes and a smile on your face.



the tiramisu that smells of wood is prepared with blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. A base of fresh berries covered with a luscious layer of cream, finished with a dusting of dark cocoa and a biscuit.

for all the tender hearts who love the softness of the small fruits, the warm days and good talking accompanied by spoonfuls of goodness.



perfect balance of flavours: ladyfingers bathing in sweet and velvety hints from the Amaretto di Saronno and a sour taste from the orange juice, covered in one crispy layer of Amaretti crumbs. All of it made unique by the MEESOO cream. Add a dark cocoa cloud and the dessert is served.

for the passionate ones and for those who enjoy engaging feelings, a delicate but “adult”
 dessert, ideal for spoiling yourself a bit.



small but full of personality, this MEESOO combines the notes of Amaretto di Saronno liquor with 
the almond flavour of Amaretto biscuits, typical of the Italian tradition. The cream
 combines the two opposites in a virtuous circle of flavours.

for those who want to be surprised by a “mini” format but with a rich taste and a 
surprising texture. A recipe that manages to get an amazed “ooohhh” even out
 of the most experienced tastebuds.